Pure Scum

For breakfast this morning I devoured the newspapers, ravenously hungry for more facts in regard to the disgraceful cover up by one of the UK's biggest institutions, the BBC. A scandal which now threatens wider repercussions for those celebrities who abused their status to protect themselves and others of sex crimes involving young children.

As the proud faither of two beautiful daughters it would be fair to say that I have at certain times during their lives, been guilty, overwhelmingly so, sometimes violently  quite firmly to those who pushed their luck, of being extremely protective when it comes to my girls and the opposite sex.
Men are after sex with your daughters, sisters and wives... make no mistake, but some twisted individuals prefer them to be well below the age of consent!
Perhaps now that one of Britain's (sadly for justice, deceased) more eccentric television personalities has been exposed as a possible child molesting rapist, I can finally, in their eyes, justify my actions.

Savile, allegedly, once tried to recruit the services of a 'figure' from Glasgow to introduce himself as a northern England nightclub owner with links to the Scottish underworld while he hid away in his small cottage away up in Glencoe. This was an attempt to give him credibility and protection from the rumours already circulating about his sexual deviant behaviour. During the meeting which took place in a dingy flat near Leeds, England, Savile made remarks as to his preference for enjoying hunting for 'budding' young girls under the age of 14. He once said that he his decor of 'pink and brown'  reflected the colour of young sex. It was around this time that he is reported to have encouraged the rape of a minor by the convicted child molester, Gary Glitter, in his dressing room at the BBC. He even stooped so low as to molest a young cancer patient in her hospital bed. Needless to say, Savile was rebuked vociferously by the 'figure', as only a Glaswegian can when faced with 'wan dirty heinous bastard', and shunned by the people who mattered in Scotland back in the day.

I am not a believer in the treatment and sympathy of those who harm weans, neither am I one who believes that punishment is best left to a God. Violence is very rarely the answer. Sometimes these predators go unnoticed by the authorities and are allowed to ruin innocent young lives. It is far easier if they were allowed to be 'retired' by those with certain connections, quietly and without fuss they would vanish. It is too late to bring Savile to justice after his death. The Masonic Brotherhood behind the scenes within the BBC could have stopped the corruption of minors, however it chose to do nothing. They failed many innocent children rather than bring shame upon themselves. An unforgivable act by both a twisted oul man and the shadowy world of the Masonic Order.

The crux to this post is simply this. Kiddy-fiddlers do not look unlike the postman, the teacher, kindly do-gooding charity fund-raising television presenters, priest or politicians. They blend in and groom our children from behind a secret mask of friendly guise. Trust no one with the most precious gift a parent can have, our children. The harrowing description which came to my attention of Savile with his tongue in the mouth of a naked eight year old girl reminds me of just why I stood over my own girls when my spider senses tingled. Trust... no ... one.

As for Savile, may he rest in pish.


  1. I always thought he was creepy when I was a child. He used to grope young girls on TOTPS and this mad me feel very uncomfortable... but in the seventies a lot of men used to get away with this sort of behaviour. It made me feel ick.

  2. I recently re-read Nabokov's Lolita. Now that I have a 10-year old daughter, I didn't find it so amusing or "literary," like I did when I was in my 20s. I am scared to death of what I'll be capable of doing to the first man who hurts my daughters. How do you keep your senses about you if it happens? I already have a dark fantasy of retribution that I wouldn't share with a man of the law. These monsters have been around for as long as man has fouled the earth. There is no cure. Well...I can think of one.

  3. Big Powerful institutions.
    Power-mad individuals.
    Abused children.

    Sounds familiar.

    We watched that TV programmme as a family the other night. As parents to three daughters, Annette & meself have long ago instilled the 'trust -no- one' message to our children.

  4. I use to mourn the fact we couldn't have children. When I read stuff like this, I consider myself fortunate.

    There are no words to right such a wrong. I'm glad you were a good Father. So was mine...which is why I married Hubby...he has the same morals as dear ol' Dad.

  5. Scarls, the buzz back in the 70s was that he was a durty fecker, Esther Rantzen knew it, Noel Edmonds knew it, DLT knew it. So why did it go unchallenged? Something is very wrong here.

  6. UB, I agree entirely. Any sex crime is bad enough, but to take the innocence of a child is unforgivable. To cover up the crime and bury your head in the sand is disgraceful. There are too many cover ups in the modern world, it makes me extremely angry that the warning signs were ignored and many kids suffered as a direct result.

  7. Map, too familiar my friend. I have grand weans too look out for and I often wonder whatever happened to the good old days when 'cellar justice' and that of a red hot iron kept scum like these people at bay.

  8. Hope, I'm known as a rogue, I make no secret about my past, but some crimes are beyond me. I raised my children to know respect and to have morals. They kept me going in dark times and never knew exactly what their faither did for a living until they were in their late teens. It was a shock, but if my only crime was to shock my kids then I'm bad!

    To groom, abuse, rape and cover up such crimes is a different realm to the one I lived in. My kids love me, I cannae ask for more than that. I did what I had to do at times, and kept them protected and safe. I regret nothing.

  9. Oh no, dear Chef! I wasn't taking a swing at you! (That box you're getting for me is so I can dole out hugs, not wave a clenched fist in your face). ;)

    I meant there is no hell anyone could conjure up bad enough for evil men like the one you described who would steal a child's innocence! As an adult, I know life can be harsh and, to paraphrase John Wayne, "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do", especially when it comes to caring for his family. Inside adult me is still a kid who believes her Dad, gone 17 years now, never did anything wrong...because he loved me. Just remember, I know the you of NOW...and I like that guy! And I would never insult him. Ever.

    Your kids love you. That makes you a good man in my book.

    I'll get off the box now...seems I used it for a soapbox instead of a hugging device.

  10. Anonymous1:26 am GMT+5

    holding those who participated in the cover-up accountable seems reasonable. in the very public Penn State situation, at least a few of those involved were fired - fiscal punishment as a minumum.

    only once did i sense something wrong regarding the attentions a friend of a friend paid to my 4 year old daughter. he was dispatched from my home in an instant, and the mutual friend warned to keep him far from me lest someone get hurt... there is no worse crime.

  11. My dearest Hope, you misread my mood. I read your words just the way you spoke them, no offence was taken dear lady. My blood is up due to the nature of yet another cover up, nothing else. Sit, stay, take tea with me, we can discuss the correct way in which one should always eat cake.

  12. Daisy, you are right, there is no worse crime other than the taking of a life. As a boy, my youngest brother was shown attention by a priest who had desire in his eye and a certain growth in the trouser area. Needless to say he fell foul of me and the rest of our tribe. It is a sickness and needs to be eradicated along with those who cover up the crimes.

  13. I relate totally to what Scarlet says. Even further back - in the fifties - the climate was such that people in authority could get away with all kinds of unsavoury behaviour. I have never been very synmpathtic to Women's Lib but I do think they were helpful in changing this climate and helping to protect more vulnerable women and girls.
    Watching that popular programme 'Mad Men' made me uncomfortable as it reminded me of the faintly sleazy atmosphere of Soho in the fifties when I was visiting studios all over London. I think the fact that I was older and married was a protection but when I got pregnant and stopped modelling, it was without a single regret.
    Another disquieting thought: Savile was given enormous freedom to come and go as he pleased in the General Hospital in Leeds which bothered me even then.
    P.S. Dad I forgive you for not allowing me to go to the Commem Ball all those years back even though I was 18 and had worked away from home since I was 16. Map,UB and Chef make me understand why you did it. But you were wrong Dad.xoxox

  14. Pat, your comment is indeed 'punctum saliens', especially in light of the current tragedy which has occured in Wales over the last 10 days. Our American readers would not be aware of the current mood in Britain in recent days over the death of yet another innocent wean, but it has certainly raised the alertness levels for every parent across the country.

    Speaking as a faither, I recognise the need for total protection for all females, especially children. My daughters often thought my reaction to them travelling down to England for pop concerts etc was harsh. It wasn't... it was necessary, as was your own faithers actions Pat.

    I have received several comments, of which I will not publish, defending the Masonic Order in relation to my challenging their decision to cover up Saviles deeds. I am being classed as a Catholic bigot. Ha! My answer to this is simple. Away and boil your heid. Religion and bigotry to religion has nothing at all to do with preventing child-rape. Hiding your head in the sand is a crime in itself and I will continue to use free speech to communicate my own personal opinion. Catholic or Protestant, it makes no difference where the crime of rape is concerned.

  15. The people concerned got away with it as far as the BBC and child care institutions were...and are...concerned because those in charge viewed the children concerned as not being of their own not worth disturbing a comfortable situation to protect.
    That, to me, while not in the same league as disturbing a child's innocence, is a hanging offence.

  16. This strikes a nerve dear Chef, child molesters should hang, simple as that, even more disturbing is a stat i read stating that something like 1 in 8 girls will be molested and 1 in 6 boys will be as well... my older son almost attended a daycare when we moved and right before that move a man who worked there was arrested for molesting a number of young boys, we was 27, had been awarded Teacher of the Year, had everyone fooled until he got caught, the thought that my kid was almost in the same room with that piece of shite has kept me up at night, of course if he or any other piece of trash were ever to come near me boyos they better pray to their chosen deity that the police get to them first...

  17. Fly, I could not agree more.

  18. Kono, I totally agree. You get my point! They do not wear badges, they do not look any different to normal people, they are scum. Simple as.


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