Alpaca Case & Be Gone

For breakfast this morning we had toasted teacakes with wild honey and blueberry muffins with gooseberry jam. It was to be a full Scottish fry, however, it would seem that my current squatter house sitter, the little singing fella, was a wee bit peckish in the night. What's a man to do, eh?

No posts for a couple of weeks during my time away, but I do have a favour to ask... I have been given a wee unwanted alpaca to go with the others that we have, but as no one knows her name it is high time we came up with a suitable handle. Perhaps you can come up with a few ideas in my absence? There will be a rather nice prize for the winner!

All I can tell you is that she is bright ginger in colour and lovably dopey. For some reason she also has a dirty patch on her rear end that looks as though she needs a good wash. I'm sure you can guess which name I thought of first, eh Miss Flibbertigibbet?

Back in a few weeks, cheery bye the noo.


  1. Holy mother of Ghod! It was a throwaway remark about the name suggestions for the wee one, I never expected to come back to so many ingenious, comical, rude and in some cases downright bizzare suggestions.

    It would take me a month of Sundays to reply individually, but the best of the bunch was received from the usual mob plus a few anons and a few new visitors. Very witty!

    The winner was chosen by Siobhan who described the choice of name as "tasteful, classy, and educated".

    'Titian' or 'Titty' as she will now be known was suggested by the eloquent and all round delightful hen, Pat.

    Your prize, 350 sacks of rather aromatic alpaca poop is currently being wheel-barrowed down the M4 as we speak. The delivery guy, a wee unemployed baldie singing fella, left a week on Tuesday. He should be with you any time... now.

  2. I'm thrilled to bits.
    Thank you so much Siobhan.

  3. @Pat; I'd be there sooner if there was an actual wheel on said wheelbarra! :¬)


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