The Little Singing Fella

For breakfast this morning I had the little singing fella firmly on my mind. "An unusual choice of topic around food, Jimmy" you might well be thinking. Aye, you would be right. Thinking back, I suppose it was akin to watching a bucket of pigs being liquidised in glorious Technicolor while sitting down to lunch with the family priest. The piggy's being slightly easier to stomach than the wee man and his gravy moustache, I assure you.

I digress...

As you may or may not be aware, our wee pal had to cut short his midweek tryst to Galway City with his good lady, due to a vehicular meltdown 60 kms away fae the camp site of which he frequents often. Now wee Mháirtín is a kindly oul sowl, a hard working man from good breeding stock, the six fingers on each hand merely emphasis just what a friendly family he is originally fae. He deserves a break away fae all his woes on occasion. He was crestfallen the other night in O'Malleys, so much so he accidentally forgot to slip off his stool and head for the toilet when it was his round. To cheer up the little fella I have decided to put my hand in my pocket and treat him to a new mode of transport. The only dilemma I have is although he is closer to me than some of my brothers, I haven't a wee scoobie as to what sort of transportation I am to buy him.

Ideas please, tell me, what in your opinion would suit him best, keeping in mind his many, many annoying faults and drunken wee ways. The winner will get to meet him in person and hand over the keys. On second thoughts, a better prize would probably be the bucket of liquidised piggy's!

No fancy recipes this time around, for some reason I haven't felt right since breakfast. Instead, a working mans lunch for the ladies to supply to their men this very day.

Worky Mans Grub

Pickled onion
Boiled egg
Pork Pie
Slab of cheddar
Huge dod of bread

Throw the lot in greaseproof paper, sling it in a brown paper bag, leave it on the kitchen table before you go to your beds at night. Job done, on with the daytime soaps that all the ladies enjoy so much.

To be continued on my return......

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